PSYCH | assessment resources, PLLC

Specializing in Bilingual Psycho-educational and Legal and Court-Ordered Child Custody Evaluations and Consultation

PSYCH | assessment resources, PLLC, is located in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

Types of Assessment Services:

1.   Psycho-educational Assessments

2.   Social/Emotional/Behavioral Assessments

3.  Legal and Court-Order Custody Evaluations and Consultation

Therapy Services:

1.  Behavioral Disorders

2.   Anxiety Disorders

3.   School-Related Counseling

How Do I Know If I Need a Psychological Assessment?

Your child may receive a referral for a psychological assessment from his or her physician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, school, daycare provider or other concerned interdisciplinary professional.  You may also receive a referral as a result of a court ordered or legal proceeding.

You may refer your child for a psychological assessment.  Personal referrals are typically generated as a result of noticeable changes in daily functioning, behavior or personality, difficulties or extraordinary strengths in academics, and inter-personal problems. 

What Happens During the Assessment?

PSYCH|assessment resources, PLLC, will work with you and the referral source to determine the specific referral question or presenting problem.   There will be a complete intake interview with you and your child.  Next, appropriate selected tests will be administered to your child in a quiet, comfortable setting.  Your child’s responses are interpreted by Dr. Perala and integrated with the intake interview and referral information in a written report with her diagnostic impressions and recommendations for intervention and treatment.  During the final step in the process, you will again meet with Dr. Perala so that she may explain your child’s results, answer questions and provide you with a copy of your child’s written report.